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Fragrant Orchid
Scottish primula, Primula scotica
Sea Pink Drift
Newly Moulted Seal
Rock Pipit
Bridled Guillemot
Fragrant Orchid
Buzzard on Hay Bale
Bog Cotton
Great Sundew, Drosera anglica
Oyster catcher
Curious Otter

Caithness has a rich and varied wildlife, with the lack of intensive farming we find in other areas of our country we are a haven for otherwise rare breeds of birds, insects and mammals. At the back of Thrumster Estate is the start of the Flow Country, a large blanket bog, one of the last in Europe which is an important ecosystem for some of Britain's rarest flora and fauna, including the hen harrier.
On the coast there are large seabird colonies including Puffins, Auks, Razorbills, and all types of gulls.

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