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Thrumster offers a sporting experience in wild country consisting of moorland, peatland

and small scale cultivation. The varied habitats ensure that a variety of game is available

in the season.  Do not look for big bags - that is not what we are.  True wild game in a natural environment.  

The season begins with grouse and snipe from 12th August, and this is walked up over setters

and pointers.  Guests' dogs are also welcome.  In September, duck, partridge woodcock, goose

and golden plover are in season, although the last three are usually later migrants, arriving from

late October onwards.  

Various ponds and flooded pasture attract large numbers of duck, mainly teal wigeon and mallard.

 A day's shooting includes a flight at dusk for ducks or dawn at geese.  If both are required, an extra charge is made.

Our shooting breaks are run like a country house party, with everything laid on, and mealtimes

arranged around the sporting day, with a dram beside the fire afterwards.

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