Caithness through the seasons

Beautiful carpet of snowdrops at Thrumster
Nesting birds in Caithness
Blanket of Yellow in spring time at Thrumster House
Spring in Caithness
Thrumster House Broch
Wild garlic lines the woodland paths at Thrumster House
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Thrumster House gardens
Thrumster House is surrounded by woodland gardens
Wildlife watching
Caithness has a wealth of wildlife, many species that are rare in other parts of the country
Trout fishing
Caithness has some of the best wild brown trout fishing, Thrumster has 5 lochs to fish from
Highland games
Archeaological digs
Beautiful beaches
Stunning beaches all round the coast
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The seals arrive to have their young and can be seen from Sarclet Haven
Winter surfing at Thurso East
Duck Flighting
Winter wildfowling
Night sky watching in Caithness
Winter at Yarrows
The view from North Yarrows cottage
Lodge House
Self catering cottage
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Thrumster House
Autumn at Thrumster House
Taste North food festival
Taste North is a food festival in the far north, in it's 6th year now
Walked up shooting
Yarrows Archaeological Trail
There are still many attractions open well into Autumn
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Thrumster House, Thrumster, Caithness, KW1 5TX

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