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Fly fishing
North Yarrows cottage
Yarrows Loch
Brownt Trout
Trout fishing
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Thrumster House fishing package

Stay at Thrumster House and enjoy a 5 day, 6 night fishing trip in Caithness visiting some of the best wild brown trout fishing in the country. Prices are £850 per person full board

Trout fishing

Set in the heart of  prehistoric Yarrows, Thrumster Estate is able to offer a range of wild trout lochs with accommodation at North Yarrows cottage or full/half board at Thrumster House. Other trout lochs are accessible throughout Caithness.  Most are easy of access and on the pocket.


Season's ticket:  £60.00     Day ticket :    £10.00    

 Boat Hire on Yarrows loch (subject to availability) : £15.00 per day  Rod Hire: £10.00 per day

                Tickets available from Hugo Ross, Wick 01955 60 4200  

or call Thrumster House on 01955 651 387 or pop into see us



 Lochs on Thrumster Estate


Loch Yarrows : This Loch is a great Loch for the beginner, plenty of free taking trout under a pound. Easy access from road, boat available to hire from Thrumster Estates. Flies to fish include caddis variations, bibio’s & kate mcclarens.


Marl Loch :        Found at the top of Loch Yarrows this Loch is fishable yards from the car. A good Loch for the beginner, with the chance of a larger fish.


Loch Sarclet :    This Loch is a jewel. Fish are caught in the 5lb class each year, and larger fish are possible, with the average being over1lb. It is a shallow shrimp rich water that has it’s fair share of golden bellied trout. The best fishing is from the bank in the evenings. The trout respond well to buzzers fished slowly on calmer days and spider patterns.


Loch Hempriggs : A boat is a available for hire. This loch is closest to Wick on the A99. It has plenty of fish to be found in its shallow waters. Bank fishing does require waders as the Loch has a shallow approach. Sedge patterns work well as the weather warms up in the summer.


Warehouse Loch : One for the adventurer! To get to this Loch requires a stiff walk through heather moorland. The Loch is very lightly fished. The fish caught are of a nice size but challenging.

There are also local lochs such as Loch Watten, Heilan and St John's which are well known for good fishing



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